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Headphones are two-ear sound activating devices that are used to isolate sounds. There are at least 6 types you can find in the market these days:  ear phone or buds, IEM or in ear monitor, full-sized supra-aural, full-sized circumaural, open, and closed. Full-sized, supra-aural and full-sized, circumaural are normally classified either under the closed or open categories while the simple ear phone or buds are no longer very popular these days due to the newer and modern IEM types. 


Basically, headphones are just being used to listen to good music but these days, they may also be used as part of dressing up or acting out purposes. To find the best device for your style and need, start considering some criteria including the technology or quality, type, and price. The highest priced headphone may not essentially be the best because the price usually matters with brand-centric buyers. Quality is subjective to the user. Some may find a punchy bass excellent to their taste while others would love a crisp high over that. The type or style is also subjective depending on the user. As a rule of thumb, it is best to stay with what you need and prefer.


Consideration When Buying a Headphones  


1. Location: This is easily described as location where you're intending to use your headphones. This is significant because there are headphones which are preferable for portable use than others, while others you wouldn't want to bring outdoor for a number of reasons. When you are purchasing a headphone this should be the first issue to be concerned of, a pair of Audio Technica Ad900 certainly wouldn't be the best choice for commuting on a subway, for instance.


2. BudgetYour cash encompasses your headphones and any other accessories you intend to use with them such as DACs and Amps. Some headphones sound fantastic starting with an iPod to a vintage stereo system, while some headphones require a dedicated headphone amp purposely to sound their best. When considering your headphones be sure to mark the notation for the headphones you would like, any af that indicate requiring a headphone amp (3) I strongly urge purchasing an amp with them, anything that performs better with an amp (2) I highly proposed picking up the one that comes with it.


3. Music: Finally, you have to consider the genre of music you listen to, not all headphones are created the same specification! Each headphone is designed to be the best to a certain sound type and a headphone that can be excellent for classical music might lack in majority of the areas for those who listen to drum and bass. If you got an eclectic music taste then it's best to have something that will suit what you listen the most.  


Headphones Style & Quality


• IEM – these are the most comfortable headphones. They go straight in your ears like buds but rests on your ear canals to ensure better isolation. 



• Open – these are headphones that allow the sound to breathe, thereby getting full but not limited to the sound produced by the device. With this, the sound may leak or outside noise may penetrate which defeats the purpose of the use of earphones. 


• Closed – these are good over ear headphones because they give the sound isolation needed. It is also used in most home recording studio setup for the great channelling it gives the sound. They don’t leak or allow outside sound penetration, thus you can have the best sound experience. 


(NOTE: Portable headphones are also availabale in IEM, open and closed type but it does not require an amp and vice versa)


Coolest Headphones Price


Headphones may be classified according to price range. The entry level ranges from $70 to $150, midrange from $150 to $250 and upper midrange from $250 to $500. For audiophile the price is $500 and up. These are the best kinds of headphones with examples like custom fit Westone ES3X at $850, JH13 Pro at $1,099, and JH16 Pro at $1,149. Open Headphones like Audio Technica Ad2000 at $450-$845, Grado RS1i at $695, HiFi Man HE-500 at $699, and Alessandro MS-Pro at $699 also fall under this type. For the best kinds of entry level, midrange and upper midrange please find at below listings.




0 – Amp useless, or worse

1 – Amp unnecessary

2 – Amp recommended

3 – Amp needed

4 – Amp included




!!! – Specific version(s) have problems

DC – Discontinued

XE – Fakes are common

CO – Must be Custom Ordered from manufacturer

DJ – Good for DJ work: Good seal, rotating cups, stands up to abuse


Format: [PREFIX] [AMP #] – Full Name (version)


(NOTE: Please click headphones model for review)


Entry Level ($70 – $150)




[1,2] - Head-Direct RE0 [$79]

[1,2] - Spider Realvoice [$80]

[XE] [1,2] - Monster Turbine [$90]

[1,2] - Head-Direct RE-ZERO [$99]




[XE,DC] [1] - Audio Technica ATH-ES7 [$100]




[2] - Fostex T50RP [$75]

[DJ] [1] - Shure SRH-440 [$75]

[2] - AKG K271 MKII [$140]

[2] - Ultrasone HFI-580 [$140]




[1] - Audio Technica ATH-AD700 [$85]

[1] - Grado SR-80i [$99]

[1] - Alessandro MS-1 [$99]

[DC] [3] - Sennheiser HD580 [~$150]


Lower Mid-Range ($150 – $250)




[2] - Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 [$215]

[1,2] - JAYS q-JAYS [$220]




[DJ] [2] - Sennheiser HD25-1 II [$199]




[1,2] - Shure SRH840 [$150]

[1] - Ultrasone HFI-780 [$160]

[DJ] [1] - Audio Technica ATH-M50 [$160]

[2] - Fisher Audio FA-003Ti [$167]

[1] - Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (80 ohm) [$175]

[2] - Denon AH-D2000 [$250]




[1] - Grado SR225i [$200]

[1] - Audio Technica ATH-AD900 [$220]


Upper Mid-Range ($250 – $500)




[1,2] - Monster Turbine Pro Copper [$320]




[DC] [1] - Audio Technica ESW10 [~$500]

[1,2] - Audio Technica ATH-ES10 [$440]




[1,2] - Bose QC15 [$299]

[2] - Ultrasone Pro 750 [$300]

[1,2] AKG K550 [$300]




[3] - AKG K701 or 702 [$250]

[3] - Beyerdynamic DT880 [$310]

[2] - Audio Technica AD2000 [$500]

[3] - Beyerdynamic DT990 [$300]

[3] - Sennheiser HD600 [$400]

[3] - Sennheiser HD650 [$360] 


(NOTE: For budget best in-ear and over-ear headphones under 100 listed as below. They are still a good quality headphones. Most of them are portable headphones)


• IEM – The best selection of these In-ear headphones are Philips SHE3590*, Brainwavz Beta*, Meelectronics M6***, JVC HA-FX40**, DUNU Trident***, SoundMagic E30**, Meelectronics A151***, and Dunu Ares***.


• Open – The coolest headphones for this type are Koss KSC75*, Superlux HD681***, Superlux HD668b**, and Koss PortaPro***.


• Closed – Best choices for Over-ear types of headphones are Audio-Technica-ATH-M30**, Monoprice 8323**, Panasonic RP-HTF600-S***, JVC HARX700***, Sony MDR XB500**, Sennheiser PX 200-II**, JVC HARX900***, and Sony MDR-V6***.


* Strong bass

** Excellent sound imaging

*** Decent


These are the things you need to know about headphones.




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